Investment in Uncertainty

Applied Optimization 21

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FIRST PART Preparation of the Investment 1. Investments in the Company 19 The decline of stability. 19 The change in direction of studies on the investment process. 25 Basic elements for arithmetical study of selection 29 Thc study of selection from non-numerical elements. 37 2. Programming Investment Activity 49 Classical programming techniques. 49 Handling of an investment programme. 56 Incorporation of costs into investment projects. 66 Estimating financial needs throughout the process. 72 3. Financial Risk of Investment 85 Financial aspects of the investment process. 85 Determination of the financial capacity of the investment. 89 From pre-diagnosis to diagnosis. 102 Numerical determination of the financial risk of an investment. 106 4. Analysis of financial products for the investment 113 Aspects prior to product analysis. 113 Analysis by means of the clan concept. 117 Obtaining affinities and thc use of codes. 123 Grouping the characteristics of the products by means of the Moore closing. 126 From product grouping to affinities. 134 10 / Index SECOND PART Selection 5. A first approximation to selection models 145 Updating of monetary currents 145 Incorporation of the lack of precision of interests rates. 153 The hypothesis of known net values and fuzzy rate of interest. 157 6. Selection of investments in an economy with inflation 165 Estimate of monetary currents at constant prices. 165 Estimate of monetary currents at prices for each period. 172 The hypothesis of different rates of inflation. 180 7.


Introduction. Part One: Preparation of the Investment. 1. Investment in the Company. 2. Programming Investment Activity. 3. Financial Risk of Investment. 4. Analysis of Financial Products for the Investment. Part Two: Selection. 5. A First Approximation to Selection Models. 6. Selection of Investments in an Economy with Inflation. 7. Taxation in Uncertainty. 8. Wear and Tear in the Investment Process. 9. The Incidence of Technical Progress on Investments. 10. Estimating Economic Parameters in Investment. 11. Investment Selection Based on Diversified Criteria. 12. Investment in the Event of Non-Specified Criteria. 13. Optimum Distribution of Financial Resources. 14. Neural Networks in Investment. Part Three: Handling the Problem of Equipment. 15. Economic Renewal of Industrial Equipment. 16. Equipment Performance. 17. Preventive Maintenance of Equipment in Uncertainty. Conclusions. Bibliography.